Friday, August 12, 2011

David Banner Speaks About Racial Murder in Mississippi and Drops New Music

Earlier this week David Banner, whose real name is Levell Crump and a native of Mississippi,called into The Big Tigger Morning Show and spoke on the horrible incident that occurred recently in his home state. A group of white teens brutally murdered a Black man named James Craig Anderson just because he was black. Banner spoke with radio personalities Big Tigger and Free about the brutal crime and enlightened many on the details.(Listen to Interview Below)

This week David also dropped a new single,titled 'Swag'.Banner uses the song to address some major issues that he has noticed in the world,African American Community & the music industry. (Watch Video Below)

Since the release of the song, Banner has addressed many negative remarks,including ones that are stating that Banner was throwing shade on certain artists in the music industry.

Banner took to his twitter page today clarifying that:

@TheRealBanner: My song is about what we accept as a people - Not about rappers - Its SO MUCH BIGGER THAN RAP

As a person that has experienced his efforts of giving back first hand, I can honestly say that Banner has grown to become an aMAYzing Philanthropist and Businessman.



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