Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's My BIRTHDAY ! Happy Deuce Deuce !!

 Today is my 22nd Birthday ! It is a very special day to me, in fact,  even more special than 21. This birthday is special to me because I feel accomplished. I have made it through 21 without any regrets. Being 21 brought on a lot of new responsibilities, but I weathered the storm and here I am at another age. I thank GOD for blessing me to see this day. Also, I thank my many relatives and friends that have and continue to show me love throughout the day. I really appreciate you all more than you know. I have decided to do a count down from my big day to the beginning. I will do something for every number that I have been alive. Hope you enjoy.
#22- Wow !! I can say that this is one of the most exciting birthdays EVER ! I'd like to dedicate it to My Granny (Mable Thompson) , My god Grandmother (Mrs. Elsie Fletcher *R.I.P*) , My God Parents ( J.D. 'Pop' Myricks *R.I.P*  & Mama Lucy Myricks).  I remember being that little girl always hanging around them and taking in all the knowledge that they provided. I thank them so much because as I turn 22 I am a SENIOR in College nearing graduation, and if it had not been for the time and love that they provided along with my parents I do not know where I would be. I appreciate them so much so this EXCITEMENT that I feel for 22 makes me think of them. I LOVE YOU & THANK YOU !

#21- Now this was scary ! I did not know how to take 21, being quote- unquote "Grown" and all. There were so many new responsibilities that being 21 brought on but I think I faced them very courageously. Also, this makes me think of my fun weekend thanks to a concert by Lloyd !

#20- The #20 will always remind me of the year that my life changed. The year I made a lot of decisions that helped me grow as and showed me just how strong I was. Also, the #20 is just a Great number, don't ya think?

#19- I must say this was a year of extreme fun ! It came in GREAT, an excellent birthday party. The age that I forget ( I kind of forgot that you turn 19 before 20), yet was so aMAYzing !

#18- I remember being 18 and not really knowing how to take it. That age was just confusing to me. I remember being like "Am I an adult or not?" most of the time. But it was my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY 18 on the 18th ! Also, the #18 will always have a special place in my heart because it is my day of birth ! Also, I graduated highschool at 18 !

#17- This is the age that I officially got my drivers license. My mother and my big brother went with me on my 17th Birthday. I got my driver's license on that day, and I've been hitting the highways and byways every since, well sorta kinda.

#16- This makes me think about being 16 ! 16 was a very good age for me. I had a lot of fun .

#15- Next to the #5 this is my second favorite number. I love seeing the #15 and I often find myself trying to add, subtract, divide and multiply things by it for no reason.  Also, everybody that knows me knows that this is the # of KIDS that I've wanted to have since I was about 12, crazy I know. The older I get the bleaker that vision becomes, but it will always be a nice and funny thing to think about.

#14- This makes me think about Jewelry, one of my favorite things ! I mean starting at 14 Karats and working your way up is every girl's dream right !! :-)

#13- I remember turning 13 ! I was finally becoming a "Teen", and I was so excited.

#12- WOW this #12 ! It makes me think about my year of GRADUATING COLLEGE ! Almost four years ago in 2008 when I stepped into college the CLASS OF 2012 seemed so far away, but not anymore !

#11- As of now this number makes me think about my nephew Montrail ! He is 11 and i'm so proud of him.

#10- To me the #10 is a number of accomplishment. In anything I do I set a scale of 1-10, 10 being the BEST, and if I reach that point I feel GREAT about my work and effort.

#9- This number makes me think of my 19th Birthday, which by far was one of the GREATEST Birthday Parties that i've ever had !

#8- Oh wow! There is so much I can say about the #8 ! It is an aMAYzing number to me. It makes me think of a lot of things but it mostly makes me think about the year 2008, when I graduated High School. That was a much anticipated time in my life. Also, it makes me think about my GOLDEN birthday, turning 18 on 1/18/08 !!

#7- This makes me think of the year 2007, which was a very good year of High School for me.

#6-  This makes me think of  all of my siblings, whom I love so much! I have 6 of them (Three sisters and Three Brothers) !

#5- This is by far my FAVORITE number. It always has been and I hope that it always will be. There is just something about the #5 that I love. It makes me SMILE!

#4- The #4 means equality to me. I do not know why, but that is how I have always seen and felt about it. With a solid #4 you cannot go wrong, the table is equal on all sides.

#3-  I like to think the #3 is a sign of luck. I mean they say GOOD things happen in threes right?? Also Makes me think of my Sister, My Brother and I (Kedia, Maine & Chip---> The Wonderful THREE)

#2- This number makes me think of my Mom & Dad ! Without Teresia and Henry there would be NO me. I LOVE them very much and I thank them for all their hard work and dedication down through the years.

#1 - There is only 1 Me. The #1 is very significant to me because I strive to ALWAYS do my very best; therefore, I strive to be #1.

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