Friday, June 15, 2012

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,

      It feels like I have been away for YEARS, but you should know that I have truly missed you. You should know that my journey up until a little over a month ago has been an epic one. THANK GOD, on May 5, 2012 I officially gained my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications- Public Relations, and now undergraduate life is far behind. However, know that it was in no way an easy triumph, but in the end all of the hard work was well worth it. I am proud to say that I was Mississippi Valley State University's Class of 2012's Salutatorian. Also, I am proud to say that I finished with an overall G.P.A of 3.94.

    I have never been one to bask in glory for long because I know that there is always much more to accomplish. I say this to let you (Readers) know that I am about to embark on another epic journey in my life. In August 2012 I will officially be a Law Student at the University of Mississippi's School of Law, and I could not be happier. 

    Dear Reader, this is the part of the story where I tell you about the NEW DIRECTION of this blog. Are you excited? I hope you are. Well up until this point my blog has been mostly all ENTERTAINMENT, and do not get me wrong I love providing entertainment news. However, I have to find away to keep this blog current while in Law School, and I know with the intense amount of work that I will have as a 1L that there is NO WAY that I can do a ton of entertainment breaks and still focus on Law. So, this blog will now be about the life of a Young Woman in Law School. I will keep you updated on my journey to accomplish another epic achievement in my life, as often as possible.

   Do not be alarmed if I do not post everyday, every week, or, even, every month. Just know that I will always have something interesting to talk about or discuss when I do, and STAY TUNED!
  an aMAYzing PR &  Law Girl


  1. Congrats on your graduation! And a huge congrats on that GPA! That's what's up! I look forward to the new angle your blog will take.

    -Class of '93

  2. @Thank,Q Thank you for the congrats &&& the continued support!!! This new direction of my blog will be something different, but I hope to make it interesting!


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