Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Are you informed about your vote?

For some time now my Grandmother has been telling me that voting rules were changing. Being the youthful and somewhat hard headed grandchild that I can be at times, I neglected to follow up on her words of wisdom at the time that she was giving it to me. However, I always take heed to my grandmother's words sooner or later.  
Today while visiting her she showed me an article in Ebony's July 2012 Issue (which features a very beautiful Kelly Rowland and a very shirtless Trey Songz on the cover).
The article, written by Michèle Alexandre, is entitled "Will Your Vote Be Counted in November", and it discusses new ID laws taking place in various states across the U.S that will affect how we vote.
After reading the article I became more aware of the trickery behind this new law, and how detrimental it could be on the upcoming elections.
I advice you all to read this article, because I believe that everyone, especially members of the African American community, should be informed on these new requirements .
The article's author, Michèle Alexandre, worked as a civil rights attorney for some time,  and it brings me great joy to acknowledge that she is currently a faculty member at the University of Mississippi School of Law (Ole Miss). I will be attending there as a student this upcoming Fall,  and I look forward to meeting her.

Page in Picture Courtesy of EBONY Magazine
Article written by: Michèle Alexandre

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